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Buy your next musical instruments at French-Horn.Online - we serve all kind of wind musicians from brass bands to symphony orchestra to solists.

Josef Klier (JK) Mouthpieces

mouthpieces for horns from Josef KlierThe tone production starts at the mouthpiece.

Good quality mouthpieces allow for a good sound production of the French horns.

French-Horn.Online has selected the renowned mouthpiece manufacturer JK (Josef Klier) from Germany for its offer to the hornists.


wienerhorn with singing bell from

Brass players like the shop French-Horn Online because here the perfect sound of the horns is almost guaranteed.

The optional patented "Singing Bell" treatment of BRASSEGO is a method to improve the sonority of the sound and to improve the balance of frequencies.

The different materials of the bell (brass, goldbrass, bellflex brass, or copper) from STOMVI allows to select the exact tone of the sound you like most.

Hornists all around the world play the instruments by French-Horn.Online

french horns from the master workshop of STOMVI French-Horn.Online is dedicated to music and musicians. Our horns are recognized to be of excellent quality - both, for the quality of sound and the quality of manufacturing. The musical instruments that we offer are well-suited for professionals but as well for ambitious students.
Don't hesitate to enter our Internet Shop for Musicians!

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original wienerhorn The bell, it s diameter, it s form, and it s material has a very big influence on the sound produced from the instrument. French-Horn Online has selected for its offers only manufacturers that care about these topics.

The Horns are at home in different kinds of orchestras

For the symphonic orchestra, the sound of the horns needs to be warm and full of substance.

In addition, most professional orchestras need double horns that can switch the tune between F and Bb.

This shop is open 24h / 7 days! Look around and find your next French-Horn!

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The bell, its diameter, its form, and its material has a very big influence on the sound produced from the instrument. French Horn Online has selected for its offers only manufacturers that take special care about these topics.
Why do you still hesitate! Internet shopping of Brass Instruments or Brass Instrument Accessories is the most efficient in time and price!

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What our customers say:

Greg D.: Recently, I bought a French Horn from BRASSEGO at FRENCH-HORNS.ONLINE. My selected model was the F/B-double-horn "NEW YORK with a bell diameter of 310 mm. Though the bell is only normal brass, the sound produced by the instrument is exciting! I can recommend the instrument especially for brass bands where the horns need a strong presence.
Phillip L.: I play the 2nd horn in a horn ensemble. Therefore, I was looking for a double horn with an extra silent mechanics and a removable bell. At French-Horn-Online I found a good offer for the STOMVI double horn TITAN with a removable goldbrass bell. I bought this instrument and I am fully satisfied - this instrument will surely serve my purposes for a long time.
Karen C.: For my work in my symphony orchestra of my city, I bought a F/B double horn "SCHÖNBRUNN". As described in the product information, the instrument produces a very dark sound. The minibal-mechanic is working perfectly. Thanks to BRASSEGO and to French-Horn-Online!
Olivia P.: I was looking in the internet for a good quality mouthpiece for my Wienerhorn. Checking the mouthpieces at FRENCH-HORN.ONLINE, I found a good offer of the JK mouthpiece "Vienna Horn Exclusive". I am excited about the flexibility and sound volume that I can implement with this mouthpiece!

What are you waiting for?

French Horn Online has made a selection of manufacturers and master workshops that guarantee high quality brass instruments - both for manufacturing quality and for sound quality. Our horns are brass instruments of excellence. Check in and buy now!
Visit our Online-shop for French Horns - and make your dream reality!

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